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Yaysh. A new pop force that the world has been dying to see. Out of the box, genre hopping, sexually free and incredibly skilled, this artist is someone to keep your eye on. Whether your a hip hop head, a pop snob or an lgtbq homie, you will fall in love with this beautiful artist. Not only does she sing and rap, but she also has a message: Society is basically good.

Asked to describe herself she replied with a grin: “Well..if Kanye West and Adele had a baby…I would be that baby..and Drake would be my cousin.”

Coining herself as a hybrid artist, she is both meditation yogi and music artist. She writes all her own music and is genuine to who she is. Yaysh is an avid meditation practitioner and student of Shambhala Buddhism and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, her teacher. The meaning of her name is even connected to that world as her aim is to not see her worldly and spiritual sides as separate. Yaysh, she defines as: wisdom with swag (derived from the Tibetan term Yeshe, which means fully developed wisdom).

She says “I’m weird, I have a teacher and everything and belong to a lineage called Shambhala Buddhism and I also sing and rap mainstream shit. I am about waking up and helping this world, and being authentic. Much of the teachings I study are about regarding this world we live in as sacred and seeing society as a fabric of wakefulness. So yea, I’m weird cuz I make my music from this place, or perspective, and I’m a spiritual person who maybe doesn’t immediately appear that way because we often have a dualistic way of seeing people. But people don’t know that everyone of my songs has meaning and intention. I’m deep bish, get to know me. And you really can’t judge a person. Surprise. Lol”

Hailing from Colorado, Yaysh mainly grew up in Denver as a youth. Her music inspiration and practice began most pivotally in middle school. A rather rebellious youth, Yaysh would sneak out with her best friend and go hang out with older boys from the hood. Little did she know life in the hood was real and incredibly difficult. She encountered a conglomerate of drug dealers, gangsters, people who had been in jail, people who lived in immense poverty etc. And for the first time she was the minority in the situation. She learned about that world and life as well as dated people in that world.

“I was accepted into this culture that I both had incredible empathy for as well as fear of because I had seen so much pain. But I learned how to relax and learn from community. I was taught how to roll blunts and drink forties and kick it. And how to enjoy being with friends in the midst of incredible poverty, fear and bravery. I was put on the spot to freestyle sometimes and that is where it all started.”

Eventually growing apart from that specific group of people, Yaysh went on to explore the world of music and freestyle on her lonesome as the music provided a way for her to express her angst and emotional depth as well as process her previous life of rebellion. “I found it hard to find community after I had broken apart from my old friends but there were certain behaviors I couldn’t tolerate, as well as choices people made that made my soul cringe, so I left. I was on my own for a long time until I found my meditation community and began to pursue music more seriously. Meditation and music was what kept me going. I had found a way to both care for my mind and express it freely. For me these two things combined (music and meditation) equaled freedom.”

Yaysh struggled in school and dropped out of her college program a year before graduation, struggling to find meaning. She felt a stronger calling to find her producer and not worry about a degree but to begin to record her work. Her gut told her to go to LA. She worked with a few producers that led her to her main producer, Troy “R8dio” Johnson (credits: Solange, Chris Brown, Why Don’t We).

“R8dio and I had a vibe. That is all I gotta say. That man is talented and he is also my friend. I am so thankful that we met. We are both spiritual people who live in this worldly world and we both make amazing music. Combined we are incredible.” From there the story continues. Yaysh plans to release a trickle of singles and EPs alongside dope visuals through out the year so keep your eyes, ears and heart open for this amazing artist: Yaysh.